Available Resources
Weekly Christian Email
An all-Christian email is sent out every Sunday night with updates and information on Christian happenings around the community for that week. To sign up on the email list or submit an announcement, email Kao Sutton.
Resources for Prospective Students
Want information about what it's like to be a Christian at Carleton? Check here!



SOul ZOne Ministries

SOul ZOne

SOul ZOne is an independent campus ministry led by Pastor Gary Hvass and his wife Deb. Gary and Deb are dedicated to serving Carleton students, assisting and building up students in whatever role they have in the Christian community on campus.

The Cottage
Gary and Deb's ministry is centered around "The Cottage." The Cottage is Gary and Deb's home, and they have opened it up to host activities and events, as well as hospitality to parents and others.

Gary and Deb's partners include Will ('94) and Cully Craig, who use their free time outside of their careers to focus on teaching and hospitality. Other mentors in the community also spend time with individual students.


Office of the Chaplain


The Office of the Chaplain serves people of all faiths to help deepen the spiritual and ethical life of the campus. The Chaplain's Office is available to Christian and other religious groups on campus for information and support, as well as to individuals seeking confidential support regarding concerns about faith, spiritual growth, values, personal crisis, and more.

The worship services the Chaplain's Office hosts each week include services of various Christian faiths. The Chaplain's Office also sponsors discussion, meditation and prayer groups, social events, service projects, lectures, and interfaith dialogue. Christian events sponsored by the Chaplain's Office are also listed in the Weekly Christian email.


The Minor Prophet

The Minor Prophet was a weekly Christian publication that ran throughout Spring 2005. The issues can be viewed here.



Unashamed is a (relatively) new publication that comes out once or twice a term which emphasizes inter-faith dialogue. Previous issues can be viewed here.