A Reformed Druid Anthology

This archive of Adobe Acrobat PDF files contains the complete text and illustrations from the printed copy of A Reformed Druid Anthology. If you download all the files, you can print and bind your own copy of the book, if you like.

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Part Zero: Introduction (284K)

Who are the Druids, why the book was published, some possible study programs.

Part One: Chronicles of the Foundation (248K)

The five books of the original Druid Chronicles.

Part Two: Books of the Apocrypha (361K)

Various neat letters from the archives. The battle of the Isaac Affair in the 70s has been put in an dialogue format with his letters punctuated by letters from other Druids.

Part Three: Books of the Liturgy (1488K)

About 60 examples of past rites throughout the Reform. All of DC(E)'s are in here, plus several more from the Original Carleton Druids, a couple from the modern Carleton Druids.

Part Four: Laws, Trivia and Calendars (522K)

Past attempts at legislation, constitutions, past flyers, druid terminology, paraphenalia explanation, lists of past ArchDruids, various Druid calenders and elaboration on holidays.

Part Five: The Great Druish Books (108K)

The collected works of the Hasidic Druids of North America. A neopagan offshoot with a Jewish focus.

Part Six: The Green Books (594K)

The first Green Book collection of multi-religious selections by Frangquist, with some additions that I have added over the years (mostly Zen, Taoist and Celtic).

Part Seven: Miscellany (273K)

Other Druid groups, Celtic Dieties, Bibliographies, etc.

Part Eight: A General History (587K)

A 100 page essay on the origins of Reformed Druids, missionary problems, debates, and how the group generally (doesn't) operate. Brief appendixes describe the formation of Ar Ndraiocht Fein and Henge of Keltria offshoots.

Part Nine: The Books of the Latter Day Reformed Druids (1099K)

More "recent" letters and scriptures, including The Dead Lake Scrolls, The Dead Bay Scrolls, The Books of the African Jedi Knight, The Book of Ultimate Answers, and two Books of Songs and Poetry.

Part Ten: Oral Histories (335K)

Transcribed interviews with David and Deborah Frangquist, Richard Shelton, and Robert Larson.