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Welcome to the website for the Alternative Canon Theater Resource. We're a brand-spanking-new student organization at Carleton College (Northfield, MN). ACTR has been brought into being to promote awareness and interest in theater that may not appear in the traditional canon. Naturally, this includes work with playwrights of color, LGBT playwrights, and playwrights affiliated with other minority groups. But, when in doubt, we err on the side of inclusiveness, and hope to celebrate theater as both a fun and powerful art form and an engaging way to challenge the way an audience thinks.

The primary ways in which ACTR pursues this mission are:

  • Creating and maintaining the Alternative Canon, a print and web annotated bibliography of plays that meet ACTR's interests. The Alternative Canon will eventually feature a constantly expanding list of works, with reviews/commentary written by multiple student members for each play.
  • Staging a series of informal readings of relevant works throughout the year. The informality of these readings allows for a lighter technical commitment and a shorter time commitment on the part of actors. At the same time, the lesser financial burdens allow ACTR to stage a larger quantity of plays each year.
  • Funding one or two full-length productions per year. (For more information about full-length theater productions at Carleton, as well as a host of other theater goings-on at Carleton, please visit Theater @ Carleton).
  • Independently organizing or assisting other groups in organizing relevant speakers and performers on campus, as well as the occasional off-campus trip.

    Sound like fun? Please browse these pages and have some fun. Or, if you're a member of the Carleton community (or a curious person who likes to read about activities and events going on in rural Minnesota), you're always welcome at our weekly meetings (and on our mailing list!). Or submit a random play commentary, or audition for a play! In any case, we'd love to see you.

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