Hello - and welcome to the web site of the premed chapter of the American Medical Student Association at Carleton College! AMSA is a national organization of over 30,000 med students, physicians, and other premeds. AMSA at Carleton is a fairly new organization, chartered by the national branch of AMSA in March 2000, and chartered by the CSA in Feburary 2000.

AMSA is the only premed organization at Carleton - but we're also a health care based service organization for anyone interested in joining us. Our primary goals include educating people about becoming a physician, serving our school and community, and providing tons of great opportunities for everyone!

This site will have information about national AMSA, our bylaws, our meeting and events schedules, officer info and contact information, links, and more! Rather then having a message board here, we have a caucus conferencethat everyone should go check out.

Any Carleton student can join on the local level free of cost, but you can also join on the national level. Currently, the cost of national membership is $20 per year or $65 for all four years. Every person that joins get's tons of great material benefits, in addition to all the great non-material things national AMSA has to offer. If you want to see what else you'll get for joining click here.

We have tons of great things planned for this year, including two conferences, educating our community about adult immunizations, great speakers, raking leaves for the elderly, and lots more! Interested in joining? Want to know more? Poke around this web site, visit caucus, come to a meeting, or call/e-mail any of the officers.

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