The Newman Club

at Carleton College



    The Newman Club is an ecumenical Catholic based organization open to the whole Carleton College community that provides a creative and supportive environment for students to foster their faith. It offers opportunities for students to come together to pray, worship, listen to visiting speakers, discuss current issues, enjoy fellowship, serve others, outreach, educate themselves about Biblical and Catholic Church teachings, and have fun.

It is also serves as a connection between the local St. Dominic Catholic Church and the Catholics on campus.


On-going Activities

We meet every Sunday 10:10am at Musser Hall to walk over to the 10:30 mass at St Dominic's. There is usually a SPO sponsored brunch at the Church basement after mass.


Mass in the cities

SPO (Saint Paul's Outreach)
Engaging young adults in a life of Christian discipleship
Current Contact: 
Phone: (651) 330-5992


   President, Mary B. Cloutier, cloutiem

  Treasurer, Elizabeth A. Downing, downinge


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