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Welcome to the Carleton Kendo Club and the Carleton Naginata Club joint website!

Founded in January 2004 as the Carleton Naginata-Kendo Club, this club joined the dozens of student clubs and organizations already offered to Carleton students.  In the spring of 2005, the Carleton Naginata - Kendo Club became two separate clubs, the Carleton Naginata Club and the Carleton Kendo Club (CKC).  Despite this distinction, both maintain a close relationship to further the interests of both groups.

Above:  Cowling Recreation Center

Practices are every Sunday in Cowling gym from 12:00 pm to 1:45 pm for naginata and from 1:45 pm ~ 2:00 to 3:30 pm for kendo.  Practices are only held during the regular Carleton academic year and we do not meet over breaks unless otherwise announced.  All club members are required to purchase their own equipment and we can help with placing orders. 

Visitors are always welcome!

Contact Information:

          Kendo Club President:     David Chin
          Naginata Club President:  Susan Schnur
          Naginata:                        Carly Born
          Kendo:                           John Born




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